Recycle a wedding dress in times of crisis such as we are experiencing in recent times, is a smart idea to take advantage of a leader who, in general, is expensive and its purchase requires a lot of sacrifices . The bride is the queen of the ceremony and with her ​​dream dress, makeup and hairstyle, lives his small tale from the protagonist of the day. The dress will be worn only once, lots of money, a lot of expectations and then everything will run out in one day. To give new life to the dress wedding and take advantage of the significant economic investment done, you can adapt it in different ways, all very interesting. Always better to recycle than leaving intact in our closets guarding it as a relic .

A first idea to recycle the wedding dress is to dye it. White is the color traditionally referred to marriage, which makes the dress can not be used in other circumstances, although elegant and formal, instead of painting it, for example, in black or blue, we could exploit it as a kind of dress , evening or gala, or in pastel colors, we could use it as a wedding ceremony, for example, to other weddings or other very elegant receptions. To perform staining, making us even advice from experts in the field, let us go at dyeing of proven experience that will definitely work in a workmanlike manner.


Another way to take advantage of the bridal gown is cut and modify it to the new circumstances in which we would like to use it. We could, first of all, shorten, short dresses are the most accessible of the long and suitable for many occasions. If the dress is composed of a corset and a tight skirt wide and princely, we could separate the bodice from the rest of the garment and use it as under jacket or as a top, sexy and intriguing, and thereby also take advantage of the skirt, reducing and combining it with a shirt or a jacket with a masculine cut, for Accenture contrasts.

The veil can be reduced and worked with the sewing machine, turning it into a nice stole or a scarf elegant, while the lace gloves, cutting off the ends, they can become an accessory for a look gritty style Madonna 80 years.
I Details of crystal or pearls, in general, parts of the hairstyles bridal, can be adapted to create hair clips, glued on headbands with black background or on the elastic or on Ferrettini.