The world of fashion fascinates more and more, each individual is a man, woman boy / girl. In our times, even small, want to follow him, in fact, the designers tend to make clothes beautiful and brilliant for them, as if they were great. It ‘an environment where a lot of this creativity, charm and beauty, and, at times, expresses a form of provocation that hints at an indecency which, of course, power of attorney and not as pretty as a picture as disagreeable, usually loves to do. It ‘important to know how to dress, considering clothes suitable to their physical, personality , adopting, as well, the right methods and tips as this guide is intended to give for how to match clothes .

You have to follow and consider fully the lines of your body. It is these that determine the true choice of a particular clothes. One must try, because, often, in showcase or worn by others, is represented in a totally different than the time when it is put on him. Each person must be able to fix, because it must not be vulgar or otherwise unacceptable to simply look at.

Established the right kind , fabric and anything else you do not put in evidence, any cosmetic defects, it is good to consider appropriate combinations to follow. You must create a certain harmony between the various elements that complete the look. The fashion is evolving every day and knowing that we can address with the birth of professionals that give some real advice about.


He is talking about the “personal shopper” which, as a consultant, advise the exact kind and how to organize every factor that constitutes, after having observed and studied who is asking for his support Knowing also the trends of the moment, will evaluate the strategies and maneuvers that serve to improve the style of the same that you are entrusting to him.

Everyone could do it alone, watching his own person and the occasion for which you are dressed. Every match, in fact, be done and completed for the event that you will live. A simple t-shirt can be worn with a skirt or pants to go, simply, to the grocery store or at school and you could alternate it with a shirt important or especially if you were going to work or for an occasion more important with the exact type of shoes and bag.

The choice of the various items that you use, depends on the value of the case that you are presenting. There is no precise rule to create the right associations in the field of fashion. The exact maneuver is to always be yourself, in fact each garment, accessory must be taken with great ease. Each individual , relating with others, must show safety, charm , harmony that initially produces through his manner of dress.