There are still some days for the official arrival of the summer but the truth is that we feel like giving a tropical touch to our looks. If you also feel like it, we recommend that you do not miss anything that we tell you next, since we are going to present you a collection that will interest you. Just do not expect to find only floral prints.

Woman summer 2017

We are referring to Tropical heat, the latest editorial that has launched a firm that always offers us the trends of the moment at a very affordable price. Would you like to discover more details about this new collection? Well, you know that all you have to do is join us!

Very cheerful colors and summery

As you can see for yourself taking a look at the images that, we show you in our gallery. The new collection of the Woman line is perfect for the summer. It includes fresh and light clothes, but the colors chosen by the signature. It is that, in addition to white, there are no shortage of proposals in summer shades like pink, fuchsia, lilac and green. This editorial is also missing looks that combine white and black, a timeless binomial that never goes out of style. Of course, they also propose garments with tropical print the print of the moment.

Current Trends

As it could not be otherwise, the brand takes into account some of the trends of the moment. So, there are no frills, puffed sleeves, knots, bare shoulders, asymmetries. Then we leave you with our gallery where you will find all the images of this new editorial. If you want to discover more information about prices or other details, we recommend that you look at the website of the firm.

We have already seen that flowers are the big stars of spring clothing and Top shop could not be less. Their dresses are full of them, more or less large, with varied colors and very different styles. They can be embroidered or in the own print.