The term radical chic was created in the 70s by journalist Tom Wolfe, explaining it in an article for the “New York Magazine”, described it as a lifestyle and clothing that travels between the sloppy and l high fashion. To achieve a truly radical chic look, then you have to match clothing from the cuts very classic and elegant to accessories or heads unusual and not related to the rest of the outfit, creating a mismatch of shapes, lines and colors. Now that we have outlined the lines of style, we want to suggest some ideas for you to easily create a radical chic look.


The closet of a true radical chic, there are some dresses and accessories of which you can not really do without. Among the accessories that can not miss in this style, there are certainly oversized sweaters, often used as clothing, are paired with tight pants or long skirts to the knee, and are frequently striped and cashmere. Another must is the pleated skirts that nod to the 60s, they found the perfect match with shirts, strictly white and masculine edge.

Among the pieces in the inevitable radical chic look, we find the scarf: it’s a scarf or a more classic, the important thing is that it is very broad and turn several times around the neck. As far as the quintessential accessories, handbags are strictly shoulder style “messenger” and leather, while the shoes are loafers or brogues necessarily black. We conclude the rundown of the must of radical chic style feminine speaking of jewelry, which should be large and colorful, preferably vintage or family.

Radical chic style is also directed to the male universe who finds in this look outstanding elegance and classicism. As for women, even in the masculine look is the ever-present oversized sweater: combined with a classic chino pant or sporty pants from crotch, should always be turned up to the ankle so rigorously to see from the shoe. And speaking of shoes are a true symbol of radical chic style: the clarks, the typical suede boots with laces. Other accessories, including a man with radical chic style can not do without, are the “Montgomery” (the military-inspired wool coat) and plaid jackets.