The head of clothing for men is more important? Maybe the shirt? Yes, for sure the shirt is very important but not the only piece of clothing essential for men . There’s another one that is of vital importance both for men and for women. This garment is the jeans , back in fashion this year so that the denim is the fashion fabric which you can not help but throughout 2012. Today we talk about men jeans pants, then a garment of primary importance . You, man, remember these words: if you have a pair of jeans in the closet, hurry to buy it now! And now, the easier we women do, but there are jeans and jeans (and we know very well). The rule also applies to the boys, then, what are the jeans to buy? Here is a small guide that will help you decide better the model on which you bet.

Trend collections for Roundup, Seville and Roy Rogers but focus on price, with these brands, very young, costs soar immediately. On the same price range there are also Dickerson but are recommended for men aged 30/35 years of age. Regarding the models, my dear little men, be careful because it all depends on your body. You can wear more or less everything from model skinny to the oversize, the important thing is that exaggerate ever! The skinny, that super tight, it is very trendy then that’s fine. Just try not to take it too tight otherwise you squeeze private parts, will be a punishment and it will also be sad to see. The large model should not be too large unless you may seek a jeans hip hop style.


TIPS : when you go to shopping, always start from the most basic models, the ones that never fade. Take a good look in the mirror, you are critical of yourself , try all provable, let us advise you and you will certainly find the model best suited to your body, and your pocket.