A square of silk can be enough to create an entire collection of fashion. Just know that tie well, turning it into a dress, a skirt and even a top. Here’s how

The time to make tablecloths, before leaving for the holidays, is one of the most unpleasant of all. Choose the right clothes, do not forget anything, being able to keep us all … are the usual scrapes to which you are faced with every trip. Each time, however, we forget a simple object and a nice, virtually a square of elegance and imagination: the scarf. Unlike the commonly you might think, in fact, this accessory is not just for shelter from the sudden cold or to be tied around the neck. What’s more, it shows a great ally able to transform into a dress, a top and a skirt. Ideally, of course, in case the space of a small handkerchief.


The most famous brand in terms of scarves, Hermes, the latest ways to bind this object of desire here, below, a series of creations very easy to perform and even easier to wear, really can solve summer dinners, cocktails on the beach or, more simply, the desire to bring a top different from the usual light shirt. these “leaders” fantasy come together in less than a minute and are suitable for all figures. Here they are.

And if you want to understand what are the most beautiful fantasies in terms of foulard, here are a gallery of new and famous Street Hermes, the squares that have the designs and colors of printing more sophisticated. Use them as a suggestion for a gift to you or even just to dream: they are, in fact, a peculiar beauty, something that will make you realize how high crafts in fashion remains one of the most enduring and beautiful investments on which to focus .