All the latest news from the lingerie collection autumn / winter 2013-2014.

The scope of the fashion reserves many surprises, and among trendy colors and coats not to be missed there is also room for lingerie . There are many, unfortunately, the women who underestimate. It’s true, you do not see, is more noticeable the dress and coat that you wear, not the panties or bra, but choose the lingerie unpaired, not combined well and especially not stand out at all the forms of our body is the first mistake, the most tragic, doomed from around the world of fashion! Nobody is telling you that you have to wear to force the latest news and the most uncomfortable things, indeed quite the opposite. You have to take a look at the latest proposals and find out if there is anything new and interesting especially adapted to our physical. For this reason, in this article, we propose the latest trends in lingerie. Take a look, maybe there is just what you’ve been looking for for some time!


We begin immediately with two outfits of Golden Point, one more particular and the other much more smooth and basic. The feature is in color, rather unusual and decidedly wintery, an intriguing dark green, almost black. Who is looking for something sensual model will point to the left, while the other worn by Federica Nargi is definitely more comfortable and show off every day.

Turning sexy for Oysho , underwear brand of the Indite x group. This season, in addition to outfits baby pink and gray melange, also proposes modeling sensualist bodices with balconette cups, which under dresses and shirts are definitely a holy hand.

Bet on the green even Passionata , which surrounds the forms of the female body with sweetness, comfort and lace with elegant and colorful. In the new collection you will also find models available in pearl gray, deep red, black and blue.

From Tezenis you will find many models embellished by lace that offers different patterns, ranging from the classic floral openwork. The model you see in the picture is complete with a push up bra and Brazilian, complemented by a soft black cardigan.

Finally, those looking for something very special will take a look at the collection Intimissimi. Here you will find numerous coordinated apparel details, including models with pearls and other characterized by white lace, just like you see in this picture.