All at sea but never without a swimsuit trend. Discover with us all the new trends of summer 2013.

The summer is coming and we hope to be ready for all the test suit. About swimsuit , but you know what are the trends this season? colors, stripes, patterns, bikinis, and models trikini whole to be chic even to the sea. The selection is wide and varied, but you know what is the right model in this fashion jungle ? Let’s start by understanding the various trends. As always, like every summer for over 50 years, the bikini is the absolute must. The complete perfect is composed of band for the upper and Brazilian to the lower one. That said it does not mean that all we have to wear the same model, even more so if this does not give your physique.

The band can be smooth or padded, depending on your preference, while the slip may be Brazilian but also normal will be fine. Among the latest trends, however, will point out immediately the pattern high-waisted shorts. Indeed, this season smiles to the legendary 50s and then seeing a big comeback in the fashion style pin up. You can bet on solid models, perhaps draped, or on those fancy, in this case to make room checkered gingham and maxi-hued flowers intense.


About flowers, floral patterns will be welcome in the drawer of summer wardrobe. Small meadows accompany our walks on the beach. You can wear your costume flowers in coordinated or unpaired version, or combining one of the two pieces together with another maybe basic and plain.

Despite the admiration expressed by some girls against the trikini, is the swimsuit, as an alternative to bikinis, to lord it. It will be all about, I repeat, this return to the style of the 50s which brought the monokini to a new life and fame. Moreover, within the many collections of fashion models are much more refined and detailed. Enough with the usual custom solid, slightly draped who did nothing that mortify the body of women! Space, therefore, lace details, special processes, bows and headbands transparent wisely placed under the breast.