The poppers date back to 1800 and were used the first time for the closing of swimwear and lingerie, this new style snap revolutionized in a very positive way the world of sewing . Today, the snaps are considered practical and economical and are used as closures in different clothing; technically appear as mechanical fasteners consist of a fixing unit . Some models have a upward to tip that requires a hole to penetrate the fabric, while others are constituted by teeth to pierce the fabric . Attach the snap buttons is a task that many people find off-putting, because sometimes they bend and are misaligned. With the help of the right tools and following the precise explanation of the following guide, you will succeed very easy to attack the snaps.


Select the snap buttons depending on the style and size, taking into account the size of the head on which you will have to apply them (if the tissue is not thick enough the tip of the button will not be able to penetrate the fabric evenly and the shot will not be functioning). Measure the diameter of the buttons in relation to the width of your drilling tool (the proper sizing is critical to ensure a better adaptation of the button).

The snaps are composed of four parts: a socket and a ring on the side of the shot and a pin and a ring on the other side. The installation of the hooks is quite simple, just snap the metal ring and align it with precision on the fabric, then crushed the entire area assembled together.

Insert the part of the button that protrudes into the metal support and crushed half of this block in place. Also make sure that the two hooks are inserted evenly. Take the pliers and tighten firmly the ring, if the ring is perfectly flat in the contours, you can use a pair of regular pliers to flatten gently (in case you execute this operation you need to put a piece of fabric between the jaws of the clamp and the ring, to protect it from scratches if it were to escape from the clamp). Insert the top of the button down into the fabric and to finish the part installed snap.