Recently, the eighth season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” has begun and many viewers probably asking yourself every year anew, what happened to the winners of recent years. Heidi promises her “girls” in each show a rapid rise and an exclusive contract with a modeling agency, it should facilitate the best candidates in the fashion business to gain a foothold. But Heidi’s coming models have what it takes to become an international supermodel? Who still works in the modeling business and who has hung the modeling again on the nail? We take a look at the winners of the last seven seasons.

Luisa Hartema is without doubt one of the most successful models Heidi. The winner from last year could already get hold of during the broadcast quality job, including a job catwalk at Fashion Week in Paris, and she has also done later on to be successful. So she was already at the Berlin Fashion Week for several designers and even recently it was booked for the New York Fashion Week. Luisa is also present at every event in Germany and posing for the hardworking journalists.


Also a successful fashion career contests Sarah Nuru. The winner of the fourth season is mainly at the Berlin Fashion Week, one of the most sought models. Since the beginning of the year she tried her luck in New York. Furthermore, it has often can get hold of lucrative advertising contracts, and occasionally they dive into why fashion magazines. Attention on Sarah Nuru also be made through their involvement in the Karlheinz Bohm Ethiopia help “people to people”.

Become a real star is especially Lena Gercke. She won the first season and is now engaged to the German international Sami Khedira. She regularly performs as an advertising face of large companies. In addition, they will be posted by various designers for fashion shows in Paris, Berlin and New York. In addition to the business model Lena is also still active in television and hosted a regular contributor on ProSieben. From 2009 to 2012, she moderated even “Austria’s Next Top Model”. The only GNTM winner, who worked in the fashion business is not Jennifer Hof (Season 3). Still working as a model, but not nearly as successful as Lena, Sarah and Luisa, are Barbara Meier and Jana Beller, as Alisa Ailabouni still works as a model.