Having to wear a swimsuit is often a source of concern and embarrassment for a woman , that is so, in the true sense of the word , put “bare” with his own body. No more than one woman becomes complex about their aesthetic appearance, and having to show it can create problems. Therefore, it might be important to know how to choose wisely swimsuits, so make the most of the only weapon that can be had at a moment like this: to make the best with the costume, their own physicality . Here is a simple and brief guide on how to choose a swimsuit suited to your physical .

For the leanest, most recommended, as it is very cute and sexy above all, is the classic skimpy bikini , with straps and bra “triangle.” The tie, in fact, enhance the hips and skinny legs, as well as measures of the slip will build on the shapes of the buttocks , and flat stomach . This type of woman , however, could have small breasts, so even the bra triangle will help, at least visually increasing a size of approx.


For those who have a classic silhouette from Mediterranean woman, or accentuated forms, prosperous (no mention here of overweight, at most slightly, but a woman who has just the so-called hourglass shape, with large breasts, narrow waist and wide hips ) better to prefer a costume that, if two-piece, does not have the slip too skimpy : the buttocks should all be completely covered, and must be large enough not to over tighten the hips, so accentuating even more. You may prefer also an integer. The important thing is to avoid the strings and briefs too small , that bring out its defects of this type of woman.

Even for those who have the extra pounds from having to hide there are little tricks. Obviously, the kind of costumes more suitable for this type of woman is definitely the whole costume. No a bikini, trikini and more. The entire will help you cover a lot of flaws. There is also some little secret that you can put into practice to look your best: if you choose your costume one size maybe a bit ‘smaller than your standard, you will get a “lifting” effect on the parts covered by the same costume (belly, back, buttocks). The effect will be like that of prancer. In fact, even better, it will be like wearing a sort of restraining body!