The choice of the right swimsuit is not just a problem for the woman, but today is a nearly insurmountable obstacle for men too! Let’s face it, we men, very often, we can be more narcissistic of the weaker sex. We love to be admired and why not even commented upon by women, especially to the sea where our body is exposed to the eyes of women. So the choice of the swimsuit have to be done wisely. Throughout this guide you can get an idea about the different types of costumes that best match your physical assuming you have one! Remember the beach does not forgive!

The basis of the choice is made ​​by good taste and sobriety. Let’s see which is the right costume for you. We start from a situation obviously really easy and let’s face it, almost always just perfect! If you have a physical dry, not even a blade of belly, the sculpted abs and an ass just as hard as the Riace Bronzes then you can afford to wear one “slip” or a “trunks” or a “boxer adherent.” Yes, if you keep this canon re really lucky because you can choose between three different types of costume! These types of costumes leave nothing to the imagination female , so if you like to show your body in the beach then you can opt for any of these three. The slip brings out all your attributes! The more daring and uninhibited dare even with a high-cut briefs or a thong. Be careful though in the latter case the effect of “Tamarra” could be around the corner!


We now turn to a situation intermediate between heaven and hell: we have entered the “purgatory”. Let us ie persons so-called “normal”, those people who certainly do not have a physical jock, bursting of muscle and testosterone, but rather have a physique quite normal, the right high and maybe even have a paunch. For these the “boxer” is a must! This costume is adored by the boys and the men of all ages. It ‘convenient, practical and can be used for every occasion, to play beach volleyball or beach tennis but also to enjoy a cocktail at the beach bar. Well you are so adored by boys than by girls!

Finally we left the most desperate cases If you are not beautiful and you also the belly, do not despair, the suitable costume there for you too! The “shorts”, knee-length camouflage and cover all, or almost, imperfections, especially if you have a big ass like a dinghy! The bermuda, however, has one drawback: it does not allow you the tan thighs! So be very careful. If you use the bermuda beginning of the season you should always use it and do not want to use a custom shorter end of the season, let’s face it the white thighs at the end of August are not very chic! They are bandits colors and prints of flowers and fruit! So given that there is a costume suitable for all, wish you all a good bath!