The summer is approaching and you are not ready yet? You are not successful during the winter to throw down the extra pounds you have accumulated? Your friends are all ready and already in the first days of scorching heat are already down to the beach to enjoy the sea and the sun and you are not been able to go because you have not found the suitable costume? Then read this small but essential guide that will help you choose the swimsuit according to the shape of your body. Whether you lean, increased, or buttery chubby do not worry there is always a costume that suits you and enhances. just know that you find!

We start from the situation certainly more delicate. If you are a woman chubby not worry, you’re not forced to spend the entire summer rolled up in a colorful sarong flowers to hide their flab. The first thing you should avoid with bikini briefs very Sgambati: not soar as you believe. Bet on a slip of a skirt or shorts that allow you to veil the lower part of your body, if abundant. An alternative could be a “tankini” consisting of a slip and a tank top with bra with padded cups that lift and enhances the bust. Even a “topless”, obviously solid, it might be a good choice: emphasizes the hips and covers the belly. A note: it avoids fantasies with flowers and polka dots and tries to break up the colors to create a contrast between her panties and bra.


If instead you have a lean physique can certainly dare with very skimpy bikini. You can opt out of a triangle bra that fastens behind the neck in such a way as to highlight the shoulders and a slip with bows on the sides. If you want to be more daring you can wear a thong that surely will emphasize your lower back and leave little to the imagination. Password is maximum femininity. Even the custom integer can be used it is important that both the righteous and high-cut with a high neckline .

If you have a generous breasts give you another piece of advice: avoid the bra band that crushes too Breast Even the classic triangle is to be avoided and tip rather a preformed, or with a very small padding and rigid cups: and contains up better If you have small breasts instead you have to bet on the classic triangle bra that will enhance your small forms Evita padded bras that could have an adverse effect and may ridicule band instead could be a viable alternative Another tip Play with special or “ruffles” species and embroidery on the bra is made ​​are little tips that I hope will make you more secure and self-assured!