This article is for the young brides who do not always know how to stretch a pair of pants or the skirts , but it is also a very simple guide to check whether the mode of board that we do is correct, so that if we have doubts, we can solve our insecurities on this issue. It is sometimes a difficult task for those who are already expert in the field , let alone those who have not ever done or is the novice , is really just a company to deal with, especially with the summer and with the scorching heat these days. We see later how to proceed together, to learn well.


If you have simple skirts do the following:

– turn upside his head and started to iron piece by piece across the lining;
– tucked your skirt axis board and continue ironing, always upside down, stretching all its parts, making a sort of “wheel” in order to be ironed all its parts.

While ironing the pants you will have to also put them upside down, then continue doing this:

– stretches before the parts doubles as type pockets, then the belt and the flap;
– turn to the right up our pants and started to stretch the back resting them in the sleeve boards or in the tip of the ironing board;
– now combined with straight all seams, ensuring good seam after seam, and has for this reason a lot of care to keep taut pants ;.

– Good for resting your pants on the ironing board in their entire length;
– overturn a leg that had turned up before and stretch too;
– turn the pants and do the same procedure with the other leg boards;
Initially for the first time the result will not be the best, because you are still a little ‘inexperienced, then later, board after board, you will see that you will have excellent results and you’ll get compliments from the sun!

Iron a pleated skirt is a rather complex process , as you have to pay even more attention because of the folds do not ruin in stretching step. The procedure is this:

– first you’ll have to strike, and that is a very broad sewing points, with thread and needle all your folds on the skirt, making full attention to doing the same thing with an optimum accuracy , so that each fold remains fully aligned with and like the other side;
– take a clean cloth , white, cotton if possible, dampen it with plain water;
– supported the cloth over the folds of your skirt;
– proceed in this way to stretch the whole skirt.