Fashion gives us great freedom of thought and provides us with the maximum playfulness of fabrics and leather. The only thing we have to learn is to dare! A vast landscape of jeans and tight pants to the ankle is on the horizon. By far the simplest and most versatile models to express the potential of women. Whether you wanted to put the model in classic cotton dress or jeans denim from the fabric stretchy and comfortable, the “keystone” is footwear. Whatever our preference, I assure you that you can create a completely different look depending on the pair of shoes that you are going to match. All ready to find out how many ways to coordinate your pants?

It would not be difficult to make new combinations, but often we find that we fall back on the usual pairings “refuge” so as not to make mistakes. Let us instead of going against our tendency to laziness and see what happens in circulating our fashion soul. On the agenda there is a drink with friends out of the work or you want to surprise your boyfriend with a dinner during the week? It may be unnatural show off a look boldly elegant. Instead, give a valuable air of glamor to pants skinny well that reminds you of your femininity made ​​of sun daily tasks and not of curves, you can: with a nice pair of high heels! The magic of heels, like a magic wand, gives an image chic to a simple style, suitable for major releases or leisure. Also in this case the variations are so many: it can range from the pointed toe model “stiletto”, a pair of pumps with plateau and high heels, or opt for the open toe, the model “sandal” open to great effect in every season.


The pants of the most classic style, the so-called cut, regular leg or close to the bottom, is well matched with the dancers. A comfortable shoe but also lightens the elegant figure and draws the good tone. The height does not necessarily affect this choice: even the typical Mediterranean height can safely wear a pair of ballerinas. E ‘enough to look at the proportions and pull accessories “fresh” and in good taste to be really pretty!

One winter style, not appreciated by all, but I find them suitable for tight pants, is the boot below the knee can have a low shot heel and soft leather, structured, wide and straight leg at the ankle like the style “rider” requires, or high heel and more lightning accompanies the shape of the calf, like a sock. The strength of the boot is the convenience that does not exclude the effect decidedly glamorous. To be avoided instead those soft boots, sheepskin-like, rubber-soled equal height, high head and shoulders above the ankle may be hot but a bit ‘on anyone precipitate femininity!

If the style you want to achieve is very casual you can opt for the high sneakers in ankle. The model is well suited to all ages and variations are endless: metal studs, stars, rhinestones, color, draw attention. You can not always stand out on high heels and sometimes the shoes with the lace, if you treat and approached the pants tend to be short (above the ankle) creates a great alternative by the charm “easy” insured!