The heeled shoes are not a simple accessory , but they are the female accessory par excellence! The problem that all we ask is: how to choose? The choice can not be accidental, each shoe is suitable for a physicist, an outfit , Other accessories and women who wear them. The men adore women and maybe even more, but as a matter of convenience and comfort we end up using the high-heeled shoe only in some occasion that often become rare. the problem is just that, if we use it on very few occasions will become more and more difficult to wear it and it will seem more and more uncomfortable. For anyone who is accustomed to using it daily sneakers or ballet flats will be perhaps a bit ‘more difficult to wear a very high heel, but not impossible! It ‘s all a matter of habit and of course choosing the right shoes .


For the day is not indicated very high shoes . Five inches is more than enough to be beautiful and sober day.
You can opt for a comfortable wedge, indicated especially for those who have a dynamic activity and in constant motion, also recommended for an afternoon of shopping or spending. Very pretty and elegant are the dancers with low heel (3 or 6 centimeters) to advise women who work in the office. For those who can bring higher heels, stiletto that is square, so be using these to the under suits, shift dresses or jeans, but remember that the day is always better not to overdo it.

The high heels are the most elegant and refined there, always. I am so loved, hated as it is not at all easy to take them with ease and above all is quite a feat to be able to hold out for more than ten minutes with this shoe to the foot. Staying on his heels is not the only problem, we must know how to lead, to stay upright they sweat and transform our walk in a sensual catwalk. Here everything is really difficult but not impossible. It should be good will and a bit of endurance to pain, the rest all know the saying “Who wants to look nice a little ‘must suffer.”

Some tips are to keep your head up with your chin up so give stability to the spine , to raise the knee before placing the foot on the ground and place the heel first and then the tip. Also equip yourself with insoles, heel pads and bandages anti blisters, they always helpful. Stylish, comfortable and very widespread are the shoes with platform , stiletto heel definitely more comfortable and easy to use on multiple occasions. If you then the plateau we joined a square heel (not too double), you’re done. After walking on high heels, bring one square of height 12 cm shall be to you for a walk.

Select your shoes with extreme care: look at them, measure them and evaluate them carefully. If you feel close to the foot do not take them with the hope that cede, remember that after a day of work / shopping / walk your feet swell and you risk really to hurt your legs. For those who are not too practical or peep toe cleavage are recommended because they provide more stability being closed. Beautiful sandals tied to the foot only with ribbons and laces but are uncomfortable and unstable, this thing always evaluated before opting for this model. Are you ready to choose your shoes?