The red shoes this year become a symbol of violence against women . Let’s talk about one of the most fashionable accessories, cross and delight of all who are passionate about fashion, which is suitable in this case for a very important cause. On November 25th we celebrate it all over the world the International Day to Combat Violence against Women, the date chosen in 1999 by the General Assembly of the United Nations in memory of the Mirabel sisters, Dominican activists killed in 1960. This year we will be the first fashion victim to take the situation head, wearing a pair of red shoes in this very date, to support the cause.

The daily news reminds us every day that femicide is one of the plagues most bogged in modern society, are many cases of abuse, violence, torture, psychologists and unfortunately homicide against women, in Italy and in the rest of the world. The red shoes so take this occasion a new symbolic value, rising to flag a quiet but determined fight against all forms of attack against women.


The merit of this initiative lies with the Mexican artist Elina Chauvet leading his installation “Zapatos Rojas” around the world, a row of red shoes representative of the many women who are victims of violence, unfortunately destined to become increasingly long. An artistic project of great value, which puts the spotlight this accessory so loved by fashion victims. In the world of fashion red shoes have always been associated with a daring mood, a touch of color to complete a perfect look in all black, a symbol of femininity, dynamic, courageous in some ways, but especially freedom of expression. From the days when little Dorothy was leaving the world of Oz beating her dancers red and whispering “No place like home” , red shoes have had success getting bigger, getting to earn a permanent place in any collection of footwear modern, especially those of luxury but also economic ones as the latest proposal from Donnamarie.

In the images in our photo gallery you will see the latest models of pumps , sandals , mary jeans , ballet shoes , slippers , ankle boots and even boots that the big names in the fashion they wanted strictly in red shoes these days acquire a new value our eyes. If it is true that the fight against violence against women is often limited by the women themselves who choose to remain silent, November 25 we fashionistas wear our own shoes red to make it clear where we stand. You’ll be one of us?