It is known, for women, shoes are really a very important accessory, collecting pewter ware of each type is the most popular hobby. But what if the way to work or during a romantic dinner the heel of your shoes begin to give? And if you were to break? Surely it is a tragedy, but there is no need to lose hope, because you can temporarily fix the shoes, at least until you change them or take them to the shoemaker for repair.

It is said that prevention is better than cure and for this reason it is good that any woman carry in her purse a rescue kit for heels high, in fact, breaking the cleavage is really more common than you might think and you certainly can not remain at work or dinner with a shoe very low and very high. For this reason, always keep a tube of glue bag strong-specific footwear, a roll of clear tape that goes wrong and a pair of shoes alternatives. The cases of possible failure are two, or the heel is going to give in and pull out or break in two suddenly.


In the first case it is good to walk on tiptoe, so as to shift your weight on the tip and the heel to the first place isolated, for example, a toilet, and at this point if the heel is attached to the soles with nails you should coat the protruding nails with a layer of glue , place them exactly in the holes left and keep the heel property until the glue dries. If the heel is glued, it is good to scrape off the dried glue with an object that you have on hand, such as a pen or keys, and then cover it with a layer of glue and wait for it to cool attacks. The shutter speed is very important to avoid a repetition of the break.

In the second case, the breaking in two of the heel, should coat the section of the breaking point with a layer of glue and attempts to reattach the other piece and then stop all with the adhesive tape, trying to keep well together the two parties. In both cases, the shoes should withstand a lot ‘until you can not change them, but I recommend in any case to avoid standing upright too much time and rest your weight on the heel provisionally repaired.