According to an ancient legend, the night of October 31, occult and scary creatures would wander in the darkness trying to steal someone’s body and the macabre story, inspired the Halloween party, an event that annually entertains adults and children with allegorical parties and get-together s . The evening’s entertainment, it’s fun with the clothes , makeup and accessories in theme, focusing on what can make the look more “monstrous” as possible, to show off with irony. Here is a short list of accessories to wear during Halloween night .

The horror ideas for dressing up the Halloween party , are really a lot from classical costumes DIY, Mortician or witch, zombie or vampire, until the disguises “macabre” more expensive and attention to detail, maybe hired in specialized shops. The combination of a few accessories, makes any kind of original costume and custom, but can also be worn by those who just want to enjoy the evening of fun, no special costumes , maybe for a dinner with friends or a night at the club.


A wig can be substantially changed our image, transforming us into Wednesday Addams , with long braids and black, in Cruella, his head half white and half black, or with a terrible witch with red hair and frizzy. Just a pair of white gloves and a cylinder in black felt, to be matched to a satin cloak, to be Dracula or, if we want to become the Devil for an evening, let’s dress up entirely of red and complete with a headband complete with horns. A pair of white tights with the dancers, a black tulle bow in her hair and a doll a little ‘shabby, can be an idea for a costume as a child ghost.

Who does not love to wear a costume itself, can always opt for flashy jewelry style dark: earrings, necklaces and bracelets with skulls, crosses and studs at will, daring a bit ‘more than usual, with a very eye-catching trick and applying fake nails, long and black enamel, to buy an aggressive appearance. Always in effect and perfect theme, the accessories depicting spiders, skulls, bats, owls to bet on the hair, on clothes , shoes or bag.

There are also commercially available, colored contact lenses that give special effects to the eyes and looks glacial or even models that glow in the dark accessories to buy absolutely in authorized stores, where it is ensured healthy vision.