Tying shoes was a nightmare for all of us as children, but in this tutorial we read 5 Ways to tie his shoes. When we buy a pair of shoes we do not ever the case, usually you buy with laces already entered, but when we have to wash them or buy a pair of new laces, here we ask the question how to tie your shoes? The first thing to do when we have to replace the laces old, we have to take the right size, and we can understand this by the number of eyelets on the shoe and especially the way in which tying into them. Let’s see how to do it.

There are several ways to tie your shoes, here I will explain a few. The first way is the Criss Cross Lacing , it is probably the most widely known and used, the crossed laces are more comfortable and give you a comfortable and secure hold. Another Also well known is the Over Under Lacing, so the laces cross both above and below, are very distinctive and decorative, and is a variant of the classic lacing cross.


Lacing very convenient and especially recommended for shoes very high and with many pairs of eyelets, is the Double Helix Lacing , which is the normal lacing cross, very quick and easy to do. lacing needed for these types of laces that measuring about 114 centimeters.

Another very nice way to tie your shoes is Train Track Lacing , the result of this lacing reminiscent of the railroad tracks, for this method it is possible to use thinner laces and even closer, this thanks to the double lacing guide is particularly strong and robust , are necessary for this laces a little ‘longer than approximately 120 cm.

For those who use combat boots or boots, the most convenient method is the Army Lacing, in fact this is used very often for military boots , these are usually very stiff and uncomfortable, so with this method become more folding, thanks the lack of provincialism of the upper. The last way is very cute Loop Lacing back, this works especially well with strings round. The decorative effect of twisted spirals between them, and this most be much nicer if you use different color laces , to achieve this effect bind simply two straps with a flat knot that is hidden under the eye.