The shoes with high heels certainly exert a great fascination for every woman. Symbol of femininity and elegance, they have the magical power to make every woman feel more beautiful and desirable. Unfortunately, not all women dare to realize the dream to wear the legendary heel 12, for fear of not succeed. We see, then, along with some important tips to walk properly in high heels.

The first rule is that there is no woman who can not afford, at least once in your life, try this experience, so it is important to have confidence in themselves and in their bodies. The confidence and knowledge of themselves, allows you, in fact, to feel your body in balance and harmony, and avoid awkward postures (such as hunched shoulders and sloping back) that would be harmful for the health.


Acquire a correct body position presupposes a work of attention to your body to always have in mind the image of himself: when you realize that your posture is not adequate, it is important remedy in doing so is to keep line in the head and the back, both to facilitate the stretching of the shoulders towards the outside. The body should appear harmonious and balanced, that is, you have to demonstrate a good ability to handle it.

With the right position of the body will be able to wear shoes with high heels using some simple exercise to make at home. One of these is to acquire a posture suitable for wear tall shoes , walking with the classic book on his head, being careful not to drop it. This simple game of balance will allow of keeping the axis of the head, shoulders and back, giving a dignified bearing (key when you choose to wear high shoes). Where possible, it is preferable during exercise, that there is a person who can help you locate small defects of posture so that you can remedy the situation.