The sun, white beaches and the blue sea are just a mirage? After the holiday and returned to their everyday lives, between home and office, very little remains of that feeling of comfort and relaxation that accompanied us during the warm months. How do we bring with us some of the benefits of the summer? You can try to prolong the tan acquired with sacrifice on the beach for as long as possible, to help us face the cold with a little something extra. Let’s see how to keep it in small steps .

The first step is to slightly modify our eating habits, if necessary, in order to follow a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. In particular, it is recommended a mass consumption of fruits and vegetables orange, yellow and red. Not only fresh fruit , however, also the dry season should be consumed moderately, as rich in vitamin E and B, as well as extra virgin olive oil. always remember to drink plenty of water , at least two liters a day, a technique that will help us maintain the skin supple and hydrated, so that you do not cracked and not lose our precious golden patina .


Prefer a shower to a bath too hot, it will cause unsightly flaking . Similarly, once out of the shower to avoid rubbing too vigorously, but let the towel to dab gently. The principle is always the same: after taking a lot of sun during the summer, the skin is very dry and our body will tend to replace it with the newly formed epithelial cells. This means that even if we are not peeling as happens after a sunburn, the skin is masquerader little by little, and if we will treat it gently and very we will discuss, we manage to avoid that cells regenerate prematurely. After the shower you can go phase hydration, preferring natural products, pure oils or butters such as almond oil, the shea butter or jojoba oil, which we will return elasticity and softness .

In some areas of the body could notice some minor peeling, the skin has already begun the process of regeneration. In this case it will be useless groped to recover the situation excessively hydrating the area, will provide quite appropriate to carry out a scrub very slight and delicate, fine-grained, limited to the affected area.
Latest trick: it is true that the summer is over and now almost all the days are gray and rainy, but there are also days when the sun shines! The advice is to take advantage of every single ray of sunshine to brighten the complexion and maintain your tan for as long as possible, waiting for a new seaside holiday.