There are people who flee the times of discounts because they do not feel comfortable in the midst of the bustle, while there are others that can be exceeded and end up repentant. That is why we offer some tips to enjoy and get good prices without going to extremes:Plan: Check your closet, kitchen, living room and any place you consider necessary ask yourself what I really need. Many times going to buy without clear your needs becomes your worst enemy, because you end up spending too much or coming home without something you needed. Sit down to think and be aware of what you really need.

Seven Tips to BuyDate yourself: When was the last time you gave yourself a taste? There are times when you spend a long season in which you do not buy a garment, home decor or accessories. Brand new is a special time to feel refreshed and give you a little joy a day, so what better time than the discount season? That way you can start without feeling the remorse of having spent too much money.

  1. Know your rights: Law 1480 of 2011 the Consumer Statute clarifies in Article 7 that the delivery or distribution of products with discount rebate or promotional character is subject to the rules contained in the law. That is, purchases made with discounts are subject by law to the legal guarantee by the producer and / or supplier, in case of problems of quality, suitability, safety or good condition or operation.
  2. Be quick: it is important to shop as early as possible, otherwise you are likely to run out of options to choose from; The faster you will find a greater variety of products and you will be able to choose between the options you want. Avoid going through the disappointment of finding a garment that you like but it is not your size. Early bird discounts help.
  3. Do not buy by buying: this goes for compulsive buyers. Seeing a label with an excessively low price or with a very high discount can make the impulse lead to acquire it. Stop, take it easy and do not do compulsive shopping.
  4. Try everything: the pressure and adrenaline of the moment lead you to buy clothes, without trying them, to get home and take the surprise you are big or small. While it is possible to ask for a change, keep in mind that it is a season of discounts and it is very likely that when you return to the store you no longer find your size. Avoid clothes labeled in the closet.
  5. Make a budget: If you spend a budget to spend during your visit to the mall not only take care of your pocket, but also make sure you take what you really like and you can make more satisfactory purchases.