We’re almost there, there are less than two months to Christmas. You know, in the festivities women are always looking for a way to be nice, original and more carefully than usual, there is, from time to time make-up and more in different ways it takes. If you want to make a nice trick and at the same time not too difficult, read this guide and you’ll find step by step how to make a Christmas trick.

As a first step, it is necessary to make a good base face , with eyes concealer, foundation and matting suitable for your complexion with a transparent powder on everything. Pass a primer or an eye concealer on the eyelid. If you have a complexion not too dark or light is fine to do a trick with the cool colors and then the purple, if you are dark skinned you can also do, but it is preferable to a warm tone and more turned on.


After spending the primer, if you are a beginner with makeup you can put the tape between the eye and the end of the eyebrows, take a light brown opaque and just pass on the crease in the eyelid fixed fading to give a little ‘definition. Pass immediately under a darker brown, fading in the outer part of the eyelid to make a shape similar to a c. Passing an intense violet pencil or an eyeshadow always intense on the remaining part , the inside of the eyelid and blend everything evenly. If you want to further intensify the viola, you can use one with the purple glitter. At this point take the light beige and pass just on the inside of the eye to brighten the eye. Remove the tape and will remain a marked line that can soften blending with a brush.

Pass a pencil in the lower part of the lid inside, in the conjunctiva and secure with a dark eye shadow or black or brown. As for the upper eyelid to have a nice golden pencil or eye liner golden , and make more passes to make it as intense as possible. Now go to the mascara twice in both the upper lid than the lower ones. The eye makeup is over, but you have to go a bit ‘in the face of the earth mat to add color and definition and a bit’ of peach blush on the cheekbones. Since the eyes are very bright lipstick not spend too much on the lips, then it depends on personal taste, you can also use just a clear gloss or little colored.