The fashion has many facets and allows everyone to express their personality or your mood. If you want to play with fashion and trends you can try experimenting with new styles , the style rock for example, is very fashionable lately, is suitable for all ages and expresses determination and security in themselves. In this guide we will see how to dress in style rock without missing a beat.

how to dress

The rock style has developed since the seventies, coinciding with musical styles emerging. Groups such as Pink Floyd, the Rolling Stones and Silversmith have dictated the laws of fashion , affecting thousands of young generations. Today the fashion returns with new flavors, taste lighter and less aggressive.

The first thing to note is that, depending on how daring you want, you can choose from various styles. The glam rock goes back to the eighties and the large volumes of theatrical groups like the kiss, made ​​more wearable and modern. The punk rock tip instead of metal accessories such as studs . The trait which distinguishes it is definitely black.

To create a style glam rock, choose clothing leather, mesh or printed with skulls. For a look with pants , matching pants or leather leggings to a printed vest, avoiding the pastels and preferring white or shades of gray. The prints will go from skulls to crosses, or even, maybe even a jersey funny taste a bit ‘Gothic / nerd like princesses Disney zombies. You can also opt for a more glam, choosing mesh sequined gold or silver. Above you can pair a black vest from the Victorian taste, to be combined with a timeless jacket leather. For shoes , you can choose the bikers , for everyday or leather ankle boots with a heel. Do not be spared with accessories, these, in fact, give character to your look, making it personal. Favorite rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets silver, depicting skulls or crosses and round sunglasses to John Lennon .

To create a look punk rock , choose, also in this case leather garments, but to combine with fluorescent colors, to the tartan and studs. To look with a dress, you can choose a mini dress , a tube dress or a short leather maxi dress black veiled. If you opt for the sheath mini dress or combine it with a leather jacket with colored inserts fluorescent, to avoid the black on black, that the cumbersome look. Pair it with the amphibian skin colored or sports shoes decorated with studs. Complete with fishnet stockings or veiled in dark colors and many accessories such as necklaces and bracelets studded . If you opt for the maxi dress, choose veiled white or black and white stripes. Pair it with the amphibian skin or biker, for a sportier look or with the cleavage studded. Completed with necklaces important and a studded clutch, perhaps with jewelry clasp.