The beauty of a woman is also seen in the small details of his body. And what’s better than having voluminous lips and seductive? The mouth is one of the main points in which falls the attention of the interlocutor, and if you are looking to impress a man, then must be the part of your face prettier. Some women are lucky enough to have full lips from birth . For all those which do not have this privilege and detest the surgery , the alternative is to learn to make voluminous lips with makeup . Let’s see how.


Let’s start with the simple things, or immediate solutions for all women who do not have time in the morning to grant themselves. Some commercially available products of the lipsticks from the most important houses of cosmetics that allow you to give volume to the lips with one application. It’s easy to understand how this can save you a lot of time. So here you can orient yourself on the purchase of Lip Volume Natural, or on Lipstick Pupa Volumizing , or Kiko Extra Volume Volumizing lipstick and Avon . In short, the examples are many and every cosmetic brand has its own specific product. You will not have to do is spend some ‘product on the lips and amaze facing the consequences. Obviously check that the lipstick does not contain paraffin (which might dry out the skin) and if you want to stay on purchased natural products that contain pepper, cinnamon, cloves, camphor and menthol: it is in fact natural enhancers that provide a surprising volume .

If you have a little ‘more time to devote to the trick , you could also avoid the expedient of lipsticks volumizing and focus instead on a make up itself. First choose the lipstick you want to put on and put it on everybody’s lips with the help of a brush. After drafting wait a minute, then take a pencil lip liner that has the exact same color of lipstick freshly applied. With a lot of attention contoured mouth, correcting any mistakes. At this point you need two lip gloss: the first will be made ​​using the same color as the lipstick and will be applied to three-quarters of the lips. In practice you will have to pass it everywhere except in the area of the pencil and two millimeters below it (in the above case we speak of the lower lip). Now take a transparent lip gloss and pass in the area remained discovery: you will then have finished your beauty ritual.

If after the first application of make- up you realize you want an even more pronounced, then for the next application will be the case of using an additional trick . Before applying lipstick on her lips stretch around the entire mouth a concealer two shades lighter than your skin. Then proceed with the method described in the previous step. This creates a play of light and shadows that emphasize the result and will make your lips seductive .