The daily tasks, having to wake up so early to rush to work or go to school, some do not leave much room for the trick. No never have time to get back a little further, to make your face appear rested and luminous. Ideally, therefore, would be able to put on makeup in 5 minutes, with a few moves, simple but effective, with no smudging and still with some care. All this in five minutes is doable, just take my hand and in the morning you women come out of the house with a flawless look!

Before you start putting on makeup, the important and significant step is going to moisturize your skin with a cream suitable for your type of skin. It is excellent as a base for makeup, so go for it to prepare for the subsequent application of foundation. If you want however speed time is shown even more of a cream colored , thus giving a base already perfect the complexion without needing other products. This cream will still be covering and will be applicable simply with the hands, however, giving a good effect and without any need of brushes.


At this point you can go to emphasize the most important part of the makeup and eyes. It is obvious to say that in five minutes, of course you can not dwell much on them, then avoid the dark colored eye shadows and especially going to steal unnecessary time. Better to opt for very light tones, nude, perhaps in cream that illuminate the eyelid without weighing it down, but giving it brightness, thus facilitating the work because of the similar color to the skin. At this point the mascara is a must, the black one is always the best choice to liven up the look, and make the eyes bigger and seductive.

We value then the lips, do not overdo it. Let us remember that it is always morning, you do not want to seem excessive, on the contrary you want to appear neat and rest. It is preferable to use a gloss instead of a lipstick, because this requires a lot of less precision and especially does not require the use of pencils as base. You gain valuable time, and if you want, you should buy a lip gloss in the tube , almost as if it were a bureaucracy. In this way, you do not even need to look in the mirror to apply it, as even the brush.

It is only the application of blush, a soft color instead, remember to take one powder and apply using a suitable brush, slamming the excess once taken the product. The cream blush in this case mainly if you do not have a lot of experience could cause stains that you would not have time to remove or correct.