The world of make up is gorgeous: colors, shades, lipsticks, eye shadow, brushes! We women love to everything that is colorful and above all brilliant and flashy. With the arrival of summer must dare and maybe make a multicolor makeup for special occasions and foamy. Here you are a guide on how to succeed to do so in few, simple but essential steps. It is not complicated but I assure you that you will make a good impression!

First of all, good clean your skin with a facial cleanser and apply a moisturizer. Then move to the primer (for those who have oily skin or mixed green primer is ideal) if you want your makeup lasts all day or all night. To even out the complexion use a foundation that does not depart too much from the color of your skin (when you purchase you make proofing between the jaw and neck, if the color disappears then that’s the right tone), but since we are in summer opt for a mineral foundation (which does not have much opacity and is therefore lighter) or for a BB cream.


Now cover dark circles with a concealer liquid perhaps enlightening. To dull the skin, apply a bit ‘of powder in the T-zone (forehead, neck, chin, cheeks and dark circles) on the upper eyelid, the fixed and under the lower lashes put the primer that will make the colors more vibrant, vibrant . Now you can pick your eye shadow palette. Roll out the first part of the eye (even going a bit ‘in the crease) and also on the inner eye shadow color yellow almost golden, then take an orange satin and put it next to the yellow sfumandolo good in so far as the two colors are combined . Close to the final color you put a bright fuchsia.

In the latter part of the eye to roll past a pretty purple (up to the crease) with a brush pen, go ahead and connect the outer part of the eye with the lower lashes using the same purple used previously on the eyelid, then go to spreading it next to a bright blue violet, finish with turquoise satin.To illuminate, put a white eye shadow pearl under the eyebrows with a brush broader and eventually blended well all In the remaining colors in the crease of the eye apply a metallic green eyeliner, then use a black kohl to outline the upper lashes and the inner rim of the top and at the end sfumatelo final touch for the eyes: mascara, strictly black! Apply a peach blush on the cheeks and lips a nude lipstick to avoid encumbering the trick.