The imperfections of the face are one of the main problems of women today. Do you have a mole on your face and do not know how to hide it? This guide will give you some tips on how to cover with makeup. Moles are sometimes considered imperfections and sometimes they are seen as value added to the beauty of a woman. Often they are undesirable when they are present on the skin in massively and then try in every way to hide unsightly why, but so many times you can not aim, at least in a total way.

The simplest and most effective way to solve this problem is definitely the trick, an important ally of women as well as tidying up the composure female manages to hide small defects on the face. There are various methods that you can use to hedge in, you can use the foundation, cream covering or the stick concealers. The foundation is the first thought that comes to mind of a woman aesthetic solution to this problem, however, is not as simple as the choice and application of foundation vary from case to case depending on the color of skin and intensity moles. If the intensity of neo is not excessive, a normal foundation properly applied can cover running of shades with a brush, but if the intensity and the amount is strong enough it is recommended that an opaque cream which has a higher density of the foundation.


The cream covering can be of two types: compact or fluid. They are usually composed of oxides of titanium, mineral oils and waxes, the color of the creams is given by the iron oxide present in the composition and you can choose from a huge range of shades . The choice of tone is an important factor because it must be very similar to the natural background of the skin treated so as not to notice the difference too. The cream will be applied insistent massage of the affected area trying to fade the more remote areas with a makeup sponge. Once you have done this, and only after obtaining full coverage of the new, you can move on to the second stage of the proceedings.

The next application is to make the powder fixing it performs an action that is fundamental to dull the skin and set makeup for a longer lasting as possible. The powder is applied using a velvet duvet, but before you apply it, you have to dab on the back of his hand and then subsequently staked on the face of the area concerned. It is recommended that use the fixative powder all over your face and not just on the cover of the newly to try to smooth the surface and treated to prevent the formation of light-dark parts that would show the treatment procuring inevitably backfire. A shaving brush will help you to complete the job by creating the appropriate shades that give uniformity to the whole face.