The earrings also those of costume jewelry, help to complete a garment, to make it more valuable or sports, depending on the type. You can not always have a wide choice, at least for those in gold, but you can try to create exclusive models at little cost, homemade. The lace lends itself to this purpose, and with a little ‘fantasy if you can get beautiful as precious ones.

Even those who can not crochet, lace can be recycled from old sheets or cut them out from Grandma’s blouses or shirts and doilies. First of all it is good to identify the parties in the lace that we like and can be helpful for the realization of our earrings and crop them. In two plastic cups prepare separate water and glue in equal parts and mix in latter ‘s the color until you achieve the desired shade.


At this point, also joins the water and blend the mixture and then pour it on a plastic plate. With a brush and a wooden stick, even using gloves if you do not want to get your hands dirty, it wets the lace , turning and soaking it completely the liquid obtained. In case the lace is already colored or want to leave it blank, it is immersed only in water and glue. The brush we need to color well the internal parts that can not absorb the color.

Once extracted, the adagio on a paper towel and tampon the lace paper with ATRA or with the help of a cloth, removing the color excess. We leave it to dry, taking care to turn every now and then dry on paper towels. In the event that the embroidery is used heavily it is better to “roll out” our cuttings, after being colored, by pulling on of a toothpick hanging from two glasses. In this way not attack each other or to the plane absorbent.

If after drying are wrinkled put them under a weight, such as a thick book, so that you Tirol flattening. At this point, just mount on earrings of nuns and add beads, rhinestones or other ornaments to our pleasure. In case the lace has a central hole at the top, it can be used to include a nun. If embroidery down to the tip or in any case there is a way to apply the hooks with the wire or beads or Swarovski, we can do it, enriching our jewelry with original touches and refined.