You wear the glasses, but every time I have to go out or have a hot date take them away because you are convinced that you do not donate, or worse that glasses are synonymous with ugliness. Instead, the glasses can be a real seduction tool if combined with a make- up specifically to enhance the wearer. Read this guide to learn how to wear makeup and be even more beautiful even behind the lens.

The first rule to follow when you put make-up and then you have to wear glasses is to remember that the lens increases or decreases the size of the eye. If you are nearsighted reminds you that the lens zooms the eye. Therefore, do not use dark colors and absolutely not pass the pencil inside the eye. You risk turning off the look! On the contrary, for astigmatism or hypertrophy, the lens widens the eyes, and then do not go overboard with the colors to avoid the clown. It’s true that it’s nice to have fun with makeup, but it is equally true that the final effect should be pleasant to look at.


If you want to enlarge the eye because you’re nearsighted, uses a trick to lighten the look. Skip pencil soft tip on hanging the upper lashes and glassful with a brush on the eyelid. To soften uses a color tone on tone but darker, so as to broaden our vision. If you’re using a pencil golden , glassful with a bronze eyeshadow . Blurs outward and not inward. Do not pass the pencil on hanging the upper lashes, apply mascara but above and below. For a very glamorous and bright , apply a bit of pencil very clear (for example, white or golden) on the inside corner of the eye, on the upper eyelid . Feather with a bronze eye shadow for three-quarters of the eyelid and then complete with eye shadow to the outer corner of the earth.

The trick if you are farsighted have to take into account the fact that the glasses in this case you widen his eyes. Therefore, be very careful about what you use and especially how to apply it. For example, when you put the mascara does not apply to all the lashes but only on the tips. This makes the lashes take a so-called fan effect without weighing them down. Once you have passed the mascara but use a brush lashes to remove all lumps possible and prevent it from sticking to the lens. Remember that every little imperfection you will notice more. Also for this reason matches the color of the makeup to that of the frame. If the frame is red not use makeup pink for example. A perfect makeup for you might be the one that Marilyn made ​​famous. Skip the white on the eyelid and apply black eyeliner on hanging the upper lash. Create the effect comma on the outer corner of the eye, by slightly bending the black line at the top. A thread of lipstick final and the effect will be amazing.