The essential part of a successful makeup is absolutely flawless application of the base. These are the set of those steps that allow the facial skin to appear radiant, bright, and homogeneous. The makeup products on the market today allow us to obtain this result, that will be better the more effective will be indicated and the products used, the shade choices for the same, and the familiarity using them. Council to choose the products carefully, and test them carefully before you buy, and even try them before using them enough for a formal occasion and / or specific, which may be a wedding, a party, or whatever: this in order to verify that their durability is adequate for your needs.


The preliminary stage to the selection of products, and in particular the foundation , smoothing product par excellence, is a fair assessment of their facial skin . It will be necessary to know, starting from early morning to observe, with natural light. At here, you will qualify as your skin dry, sensitive, or trend that, if it shows here and there on the face arid, cracked and / or irritated skin; as mixed, even if it appears only slightly glossy and presents the blacks concentrated on the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin); as oily or acne-prone skin, if the clarity is extended to the entire face, and at the same time you notice the presence of pores and / or blackheads. Consider also the presence of physiological and natural dermal conditions, such as fine lines more or less obvious. A correct assessment of the skin will be directed towards the most effective and suitable in your case.

The choice of foundation can be difficult. There are various kinds of brands and different prices. The advice to avoid mistakes is to rely on a known brand, even if its price class. You will, thus, the less chance that your purchase turns out to be a flop. Anyway the directions of maximum are to move towards a fluid product if you have a skin normal to dry, oil-free fluid towards a product, in the case of mixed skin, a cream compact if, instead, require greater opacity, (in the presence of imperfections more obvious), and still opt for a powder / mineral, if you have an oily skin. This for what concerns the consistency of the product. As for the tone, the imperative order is” try”! Test a quantity of the selected product on areas like the back of his hand, and the jaw area to verify that the tone is as similar as possible to that of your skin should not be noted cuts in color. The ideal is that harmonizes the complexion, often, it is just guess the right undertone. As regards the application of foundation, you can spread it evenly with your fingers or with a brush, synthetic, or, for a more light spread it with a latex sponge to dab on your face, that you can humidify with a bit ‘of water before.