Lose weight or actually being reduced the outline of some areas of the body is something that worries more and more not only women but also men. Among the latest and most innovative techniques to reduce measures of our body is that of the application of ice and we explain in detail below Take note! An alternative treatment is practiced very recently in the best spas, is the application of ice over the whole body to go reducing measures contour and now we can do in our house perhaps to be ready for those trips on cruise ships you proposed or simply to look better in the mirror.


Before these treatments based on the use of ice the intense heat to melt fat was used as many have already seen, in the sauna or grueling gym sessions, wraps, and massages. The ice came to revolutionize conventional treatments before and help us lose weight, which I think is great because the summer heat treatments are hateful.

For treatment to work properly a mixture of herbs with previously prepared ice, which help the body go eliminating the grease, is applied to the skin and impurities through urine detoxifying the skin and affirming too. At meetings of ice, massage and firming reduction applied before applying the mixture of grass with ice, as a way to prepare the skin and the body best absorbs the mixture comes next.

For preliminary massage, a mixture used leads:

3 tablespoons emulsified oil and 2 tablespoons of providence-iodine, these ingredients are mixed and the body is massaged. For those who have just had children, these massages are ideal, since the skin returns to its original state in no time. In addition to this recipe, I give you the recipe of ice mixed with herbs to at home:


  • Rosemary branch
  • 3 tablespoons horsetail
  • 30 ivy leaves
  • 1 kg of green tea
  • ½ liter water

To prepare the mix, you have to put in a pot to boil all for about 10 minutes, then let cool and leave in the fridge in buckets. When you have ice ready, you can apply the massage 3 times a week or more, in places that are needed to reduce and always say with circular movements to drain.



Note that the body fat accumulates and there comes a time that is very difficult if not impossible to remove. There are treatments that are given in beauty centers with ice can be a bit expensive in general so, to really make the home, ideally you can use a type of cloth bag with which to place the ice inside and place directly on the area you want to try on a maximum of ten to fifteen minutes. It is important that you do not spend that time because as you well know ice burns and burn could reach the area.

I ice abate

In many cases, we recommend placing a type of gel previously in order that the application of ice acts more quickly and clearly. Never apply ice directly on the skin, as burns can be made present. It is best that you apply ten or fifteen minutes let rest the area and reapply. Also note that you cannot perform several areas at once, but it is best to make an area each time so that the body gets used otherwise you’d be exposing to hypothermia, something that is not the idea and certainly you should avoid.

You should also know that ice is most useful when to end the pain it has a numbing effect that causes the nerves do not convey the signal to the brain. This is perfect for people who suffer from osteoarthritis, arthritis, fibromyalgia and other similar diseases. Note, however, that this does not cure, just you are not going to feel the pain for a few hours or maybe a day no more, but ideal to leave situations that require a quick fix, such as when you are at work and you end up with something.

Finally, let us talk about the ice massage we can do every day when you get home, before leaving in the morning or before bed. Us ice massage on the skin causes it to illuminate and restore youth we lose with age. This massage will not only allow us to relax and have a moment of time for us, but also help us see better and much younger.