If we had spotted a few seasons ago would probably be attacked by these horrors. Yet the creepers are back.

When we think of women’s shoes , we can not help but imagine the heels . Not necessarily dizzy and impractical, but just to be chic heels to slim the figure, in order to feel beautiful. Also adore the wedges , because in the same way they give us a few more inches , which let’s face it, it never hurts. But we also want to be comfortable , especially when we’re around for many errands to do, to go to the grocery store or just during leisure. When we do not feel in great shape I want to stand with your feet firmly on the ground and sneakers are just for us, but also the dancers and slippers are very much appreciated, especially by the more glamorous . But if you proposed links the creepers ?

The name creepers does not bode well defined yet so are the shoes with a flat platform. Let us try to understand this better. Sneakers are the sole higher than usual, about 3/5cm. You know the plateau ? Here are the ones but they are all a piece from toe to heel. They are usually in rubber , and that like it or not, are back in fashion. And now? And now nothing, you’re forced to ‘adhere’ to this new trend because, let’s face it, it’s a bit ‘special. Yes, I personally do not find them beautiful but I am horrified when I meet a girl that door, provided that the fits properly!


Know that these shoes are very comfortable (although I prefer the classic sneakers), give those extra inches that usually give us only high heels and, at the moment, are also trendy! There are many brands that offer them and there is something for all tastes. The imaginative model that I propose here is to Asos . The pretty floral pattern but the combination, the touch black, retro style properly, I tell you no half measures, it is really horrible.

Following is a high sneakers Alexander Smith , that view so I do not mind at all. It will be the platform that is well integrated with the shoes but this model is passable. Similarly I also like (broadly) the sneakers with studs of silver Steve Madden. I have some reservations on the next model, made, as you can see, from Converse . Not bad, however, this last model made ​​by Jeffrey Campbell .

So, as you can see creepers shoes are a little ‘hard and then have to really pleasure. If you are big fans of this footwear then you know where to find them. If, like me, you are not so enthusiastic when faced pretend nothing, you know, fashion has his circle, what is trendy today, tomorrow it will not be more.