The Burlesque is the style in vogue in recent years. Its name comes from a show that was very successful in the United States. In this show we staged the sensuality of the dancers in an ironic way. The actresses chosen, all beautiful, proved themselves in the hilarious parodies on the life of the sexy dancers. The Burlesque today is, therefore, a set vintage of everything that has represented this style in the Victorian era. Let’s see how to dress to adopt this style in special occasions such as a masquerade for carnival.


To interpret this style is crucial to use a corset. I am speaking of the typical garment of women who used a time to highlight their waistline often not visible because their roundness body opposite to the physical dry that women have today. The corset must be rigid, silk or satin polished and with the laces on the back to be tight as possible. You can also choose to wear a body model with laces ahead or behind.



Strictly short and tulle! They remember the tutu worn by ballet dancers revisited in a micro. I’m really very short, can cover just the underwear. Choose it in black or red depending on the shade of the bustier. You can make pompous skirting the edge of the skirt with the lace. If, however, you decide to wear a bustier body can opt for a queue of tulle left entirely exposed to the legs in the front and covering the rear.


Important details. You can choose between two versions: the tights in black transparent veil with the line that marks the rear legs, very stylish and sensual or the classic black mesh. The network must be large ones, and not micro the network. If you are very daring and want to put in sight of the suspenders can opt for the version highs in sight. You can embellish the outline of the stocking with bows ribbon side or rhinestones.


Nothing but comfort dizzy! Shoes to wear are decidedly feminine, sexy and above all very high. Decollete wearing of black or bright red with thin heel. They can be in paint, satin or covered with lace and rhinestones. If you have a slender ankle opt for a model with the bracelet easier to carry. Finish your look with long gloves in satin, a long pearl necklace or a feather boa.