How to value your body? Choosing the right pants, of course!

It’s true, you spend much time in front of the wardrobe to ask “What shall I wear today?”. And in fact, it is not always a simple and above all fast, but most of the times it goes a mesh to a pant. Now, the mesh can be more or less all suitable to his physical, but this is certainly not true with pants. They can tighten the thighs, hips, bind up the ass too, make us look bassinet. well, not all are equally suitable for all!

There are different types of pants on the market, do not just focus on a pair of jeans or a classical model, but choose wisely on what our body best there is. Among the most popular are the skinny, those with a high waist and wide leg, leggings (which should not be considered as pants) and shorts. Let’s see some of their characteristics and those who are doing well. The skinny pants are by far the most loved and worn by women. They are very tight, often with low waist and narrow at the knee and the ankle. If you have regular shapes, then the hips and calves not too pronounced, you can wear them in peace. One need not be necessarily a size 38, because they give to those who have a 44/46, provided that the forms be “in line”, then there is too much imbalance between the hips and thighs and calves and ankles. The models push up so they can bring out the forms, but in fact are not, however, be preferred if you do not have regular shapes. If you like those slim, you can opt for cigarette pants, ankle that are not overly members.


The high-wasted pants can be worn by those who have the thighs too pronounced, which should not be too tight at this height. If you are pans that you can still wear them with you as long as there is a nice heel 12, otherwise you step, because there would be even more than you already basin.

The wide leg pants , who occasionally glimpsed in some collection, can donate to those who have hips a little ‘pronounced, because the width of the rim helps to create a balance with them. In contrast, chinos, those who cut the pockets to the side, only if you do not give your butt and hips too pronounced, because otherwise they would put even more emphasis.

The leggings are made ​​of pants/ tights then, first of all, should be worn as socks! The fabric is too thin and is therefore transparent. Born to be paired with short dresses, maxi t-shirts and oversize sweaters. Certainly not to replace the pants did! However, the leggings give only to those who have slender legs or regular, in other cases prefer tights retentive and modeling.

The shorts, finally, they can be really bad companions of style, but if you choose the right models you will see that it will not be as complicated as you think. These are definitely good to the long-imbed and slender girls but also those from the petite stature can wear them. They do not have to squeeze your thighs or you will absolutely effect the sausage. Then choose a model soft, wider thighs or a Bermuda, you can also wear in winter combining it with tights.