A collection where Re Giorgio Armani brings to the fore two reasons that reminiscent of the 80s, the lines and dots . Lines that do very sailor, lines of different sizes. While the cheerful and fun polka dots, giant sized bring joy even in the trench, the colors are pink , the green and then the summer colors par excellence, the blue and white .

Other color used is the persimmon. Dresses simple, soft as skirts. T-Shirt straight, colored, with some bright detail. Short straight pants to the ankle. For fabrics, cotton and jersey so very soft. And also a lot of denim. Denim For Armani denim is a mainstay in this spring and the line is straight and tight, while maintaining the classic details such as 5 pockets. Jeans in the classic blue and light blue , short ankle or even in a ‘Capri’ that comes to mid-calf. More particularly jeans with polka dots but is tone on tone. And ‘one of you died that Armani once again for this season. And then also the shorts in denim, very cheerful and fun for the younger ones.


The novelty is the colored jeans: emerald green, orange and electric blue. Suits Armani retains its simple lines and straight , dresses Camisole where life and underlined by a line in a contrasting color with the drawstring. Or a dress in the back because it is reminiscent of a tunic draped from the shoulders to fall soft on the whole length. For something more elegant comes in the lace , the plot for the flowered dress with lace tank top but lined and long above the knee.For more cheeky, a blue and white striped dress, even diagonally with a slightly curled edge on the end of the length.

Pull Jerseys soft, very soft indeed, around the wrists and neck with narrow life, the colors are gray, white, antique pink and even blue. Even the striped cardigan to go back to one of the themes of Giorgio Armani. Shirt The simplest, in fashion colors white, fuchsia and green, which falls just short of the sleeve on the arm, smooth and straight , with some simple lettering on the front. Otherwise-striped not well defined.

For something more feminine here is the shirt without sleeves and with high collar with white polka dots and green on a blue background. This matches well with the pull coordinated. The lace back tank top on, either as pink, long to the loins. Pants and skirts Adherents on the leg and ankle short , straight, very simple. These are the colors that bring summer: white, pink, emerald green, blue. The skirts gathered at the waist or with the basque, practices, and soft and also a pair of trousers so wide it looks like a skirt. For the younger ones, even shorts, not overly short, narrow stripes as other reasons for the collection. The colors are those of the line, fuchsia, blue and khaki.