Are you in full creative phase and want to adopt a more material to give life to your accomplishments fanciful and imaginative? If you have already used the Lenci cloth or rubber crepla , but do not want to spend such huge sums of to do some chore of imagination, you may use an alternative material that certainly costs a lot less and at the same time, you may already have in your kitchens: we’re talking about the sponge. In this guide we will cover how to proceed to create key chain sponge .

For the realization of this project, we need a paper pattern of the subject that we want to use for our key that is appropriately sized to the function that will be filled. Imagine, for example, you want to build a car. Realized the shape then cut it along the whole perimeter. Take now the sponge color you prefer. You may use the classic colored sponges and which have the thickness of about 5 mm. There are both soft and abrasive and can be found at any store detergents. Place the template on the sponge, and change the template on it with a pen.


You can now cut out the template you just created. Before proceeding with various embellishments of the template, take the connecting links with the key fob then made ​​a hole on one edge of the template to apply them. If you do not want to run the risk that, with the use of the key hole from spreading or cracking because of the sensitivity of the sponge, you may use the special clip that you can buy in DIY stores. Alternatively, you can reinforce the point at which you make the hole with adhesive tape. Apply the carbine key chain so you can complete the template as follows.

Take sponges and other colors, with a lot of imagination you begin to realize the silhouettes of all the details with a color you can create the outline of the door you are going to stick on the special part of the silhouette of sponge, with the color blue can instead cut out the two respective windows (front and rear) and paste them in the right places. Finally, with the color orange or yellow or red, you can cut out two ovals that you can put in place of the front and rear spotlights Finally, two circles that you put at the bottom to represent the wheels to glue the pieces ad operate the vinyl.