Have you ever tried false eyelashes, precious allies of our beauty? It should be said that often engage in the application of those microscopic tufts dark, at first, it is not a simple undertaking. We women love to take care of our beauty and during evenings chic certainly will not miss a touch glamor. Do you want to show off a seductive look and charming, and get it in a few easy steps? Then you just need to learn how to apply the precious eyelashes!Perform this task is not exactly easy, and for this reason today we decided to come to your aid! Thanks to a practical tutorial, you will be able soon to become veritable witches false eyelashes! Are you ready? Very well, then the transaction begin!


False eyelashes, different types for different styles

First of all, know that the eyelashes eyelashes are many and of many types, brands and colors. There are colorful false eyelashes, look for eccentric and exaggerated, but there are also more sober ones, thick and chic, and finally, we must not forget the fake eyelashes “jewel”, those with small rhinestones or gold, that make every look bright and shiny ! As most readers will know well vain, there are also many different lengths. Should you find that your eyelashes are actually too long , with a lot of precision and patience you can check slightly, for a more natural and less “exaggerated.”

Tips for applying false eyelashes

With a little ‘attention, apply false eyelashes can be really easy . After choosing the eyelashes that will make for you, you will not have to do is take the appropriate glue for eyelashes , which of course must be of excellent quality, since – as some imagine – it is a very delicate part of the face and sensitive. That said, do not be afraid, because the glue for eyelashes can be easily removed with water and the make-up remover. Very well, at this point, make sure that your eyelid is clean and completely dry, put a small amount of glue on a piece of aluminum foil, or on the back of the hand and go over the edge of the lashes so that it becomes soaked.

At this point, I have to do is put your eyelashes on your eyelid , as close as possible to root of the natural lashes, so that the result is more “natural” as possible. To make it a more attractive and realistic, you will not have to do is apply a line of eyeliner after the application of the lashes . In this way you will get a more realistic effect and a look even deeper. Here you are the photos of the most beautiful eyelashes, what do you think girls? Are you ready to learn how to apply them?