Eyes are organs very delicate and sensitive and it is our advantage to protect and defend them from all that can be harmful to their health. Even the sun without which there would be no life on earth can cause damage to their well-being and is good to use during the exposure to the sun suitable goggles to prevent any damage. Here’s how to choose lenses for sunglasses.

The task of the glasses from the sun is to create appropriate barriers between our eyes and the ultraviolet rays and therefore the choice of the lens is very important. Especially in summer or in all cases in which our eyes are exposed to sunlight should be protected so that no damage. The sunglasses have two lenses that do not necessarily have the same features and in the case that there are visual problems can defend themselves from the sun and at the same time correct the defect.


The material and the coloring are of great importance to determine the quality of the lens and depending on the type of product is used can have a sharpness, a weight, a length and a different cost. If possible, in any case it is good not to be influenced by the price, but choose glasses best and most suitable for our kind of eyes and their problems .

One of the materials used for the lenses is glass, ensures clarity and scratch resistance, is expensive and falling to the ground may crack or chip. Polyurethane has the advantage of being very durable and give clarity as well as being flexible and lightweight, but it is very expensive. The polycarbonate has a lot of stamina and clarity, light weight, it is inexpensive , but it is resistant to scratches and is of a lower quality optics.

Acrylic is inexpensive and suitable to be used occasionally, short-lived and can give distorted images. The sun lenses also are treated to reduce the passage of the brightness and the damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Depending on the choice of the color of the lenses varies the amount of light that reaches the eyes and the correct visibility of contrasts.

The colors of the lenses can be very different depending on use and have their own characteristics. Brown, gray and green: limit the brightness without distorting colors and are used when the sun is not too strong. Yellow, golden, amber: do not protect fully the brightness, but they are excellent with light and moderate snow. Pink, purple: they give a very bright and enhance contrasts, they are great for snow and are very suitable for driving.

Staining mirror outside of the lens has a protective film and reflecting the light avoids glare, vision is darker. In any case, there are rules governing the optimal characteristics of a good pair of glasses from the sun, which must necessarily be guaranteed and its characteristics reported to the purchaser. Eye protection must be total and buy lenses at low cost without the due requirements in addition to not protect can damage your sight. In any case it is always good to be recommended by a good optician and ophthalmologist for any visual problems.