The sunglasses are the most fashionable of summer 2012 round. Remember the frames of the seventies and eighties that contained round estimates lenses? In practice sunglasses also known as the ones John Lennon ? In short, those, the round sunglasses are back in fashion and are a must summer 2012.

When the trends change suddenly is getting a little hard to accept. We are there to tell us “no, that’s not it will never set” and move on, “I wonder if I’m okay?” and most of the time we give “but you know I is not so bad?! I want it”. Acceptance is long (but not too much) and leads us very slowly into the vortex of the new trends. Do you want a more concrete example? For a few months in the shops have made ​​their appearance fluorescent clothing and accessories. ‘s first impression was not benevolent towards the fluorescent colors. Many remembered highlighters school, these shades are others seem too strong and a little vulgar. The truth? The fluorescent color trend popped, is unstoppable and that means that many have appreciated. The companies produce mica for the glory?!


The same is happening with round sunglasses. I may not like and I have to admit, but they are out of fashion because to decide, as always, were fashion designers and international fashion house. And if you think about it, the trend of round glasses started already this winter, companies have focused first on eyeglasses and sunglasses now on those. If you look around there are many, many colors and sizes and different prices. Let ‘s see who makes them and how much they cost these models.

Among the round sunglasses, colorful, delicious, and there are those youth margarita Diesel . The lenses, slightly mirrored, are of three different colors. The frame is super thin and lightweight and cost about 160 euro. Even Ralph Lauren proposes to so many, in fact, we can really say that he based his collection of sunglasses for summer 2012 on these round frames, if you choose this brand know that the glasses will cost, on average, 180 euro. another star performer in the field of round sunglasses is Giorgio Armani, who offers them both in his first line, the more expensive, both in line emporium Armani, much more affordable (€ 135 on average).

Do you know who is adept in the market for sunglasses? Victoria Beckham! Since it was discovered designer, the former posh spice is unstoppable. In his collection of accessories there are also cute round sunglasses, tortoiseshell with purple lenses, you need to know is that his are a bit more expensive, about 350 euro. If you really like the round glasses and I also like to play with styles and special frames, then you should definitely try the round sunglasses by Lanvin by De Rigo Vision. They are made ​​of hammered metal and mother of pearl frame (see photo above) and cost 290 euro.

Council : normally the round sunglasses are good for those who have a long face or edgy. Anyway, try it and then decide.