The lace dresses are back in the limelight and are the leading trend of this fashion season . The lace is in the clothes we wore as noted in the various accessories, revised in a modern or classic romantic style is suitable to be worn at any occasion. Just be careful not to overdo it and make the right combinations to avoid falling into excess, too romantic, too vintage, too provocative. It has class and sexiness but the risk, if worn in the wrong way , is to fall into a dusty retro effect . Let’s see some suggestions for wearing the lace without mistakes.

Lace and lace can be worn in a casual dress just match a pair of combat boots that create a mix of tenderness and playfulness making the whole thing attractive without being excessive. With the dancers the look becomes more romantic. We combine a blazer or cardigan in jeans, a small shoulder bag perfect and we will be going around with friends or bring us in the office. A romantic lace blouse too can lighten wearing a pair of tight jeans and court shoes very high. Or we decide to pair it with a pair of shorts from the worn and torn. In this case, no heels, flat shoes or boots just for a look irresistible.


The lace is also perfect for the evening. The mini dress is the diktat of the moment. From classic little black dress or in natural color, suitable for a gala or an important evening, its version along with bright colors. In this case we combine high heels, but watch out for accessories . Few and sober. The texture of lace, rich and valuable, is in itself a decorative element, better not overdo it if you do not want to encounter errors look unpleasant and drop style. A pair of pants in fine black lace , a bodice of the same color, stilettos and minimal clutch may be an idea to be sexy and attractive. If the body allows it! If you do not like the all black, you can lighten up with a pair of court shoes or sandals nude color.

This very romantic and elegant fabric is actually very versatile and depending gown and matching accessories we wear the same garment in many different occasions. Detain ourselves from “too much”, just wear a single dress with lace; avoid another head, shoes or bag of the same fabric to be lighter on the outfit. A few tricks and put it in your lace will be perfect!