Cute and quirky, the fluorescent sunglasses are designed to protect our eyes from the hot sun rays propagated from high isolation summer but, at the same time, they also want to give us an easy-breezy and youthful. The objects were in fact made ​​in bright colors and on, but certainly not sad that they instantly think the desire for fun spree, typical of the holiday season the beaches, clubs and discos. Let’s look at some tips and suggestions about how to wear this particular accessory in the best way and most suitable and correlated, especially with the way they dress.

The glasses were very fashionable fluorescent wineskin three decades ago, that in the eighties, and have been set forth by the fashion of the day. This means bring back to life something tied to the past with a new twist newest and most modern. The combination right here decided, will be wearing our bright frame with an accompanying her attire and looks mainly sports: you can wear high waisted jeans with a floral patterned top, or a striped t-shirt with a typical print maybe calling a star of eighties music and complete with the clear canvas sneakers or a pair of sneakers.


The hairstyle that is best suited to this type of eye wear, which must be similar marker within the context of the speech hairstyles including affine then, is certainly the most mischievous: for men crew cut or shaved the sides and top with dollop top covered with gel or paste modeling and fixative; for women with long hair will be indicated instead a simple and convenient ponytail hairstyle or wild, consisting of permanent curls style.

Finally, you can decide how to literally wear your neon glamor accessories to protect you from the sun, that is, if you choose take over your nose and gait being able to look at those around you without attracting attention or put them on the neck in order to keep a messy hair and with strands out of place or even opting for a solution distinctly original if a little clownish, for instance by placing on their heads even two pairs of glasses rigorously in different colors.