Find a pair of glasses suited to their physiognomic lines is not very difficult. With all the models on the market have a wide choice. Find a pair of glasses that reflects their personality in full, meets the tastes in color, shape and material is more difficult. Find a pair that is unique seems an impossibility. If you do not want to give up any of these options you can use to customize your pair of sunglasses. The eyeglass frame from the sun can be very variable in the structure, even more than a pair of glasses. A frame for eyeglasses can also be used as a structure to apply filters or sun lenses. The limit of this solution is often given by aesthetics, since often the sun frames are different from those of sight. In fact, in general, the sun frames are constructed so as to cover most of the eye, both as size of the lens itself (caliber of the frame), both as a frame, with rods thicker and the increased use of celluloid . Another protection system used is that of the wrap-around lens , that is much more curved than standard lenses from view. In the steps of the guide to follow will demonstrate how to design their own sunglasses .


To start building your pair of glasses from the sun custom and choose the model that you like among those proposed. On the right of the page you get a menu through which you can create your very own model. Click on “Frame Color” to choose which color attribute from those available. The “Lens color 1” will give you the opportunity to choose the lens you prefer, is this standard that polarized. Remember that the choice of the lens is extremely important. In addition to the style also give importance to the degree of protection that this can offer.

For maximum protection choose the lenses polarized dark. One very nice and helpful to make your unique model will find it under “Engraving text lens 1”. Here you have some fonts and a text field for entering the customization . The text should be simple and should not have content that may be offensive or you risk cancellation of your order. Field Icons will give you the opportunity to change the color of the icon present on the frame . Even the terminals covered by Parts customizable. Finally, go to “Accessories” to complete your customization.