Black, red, blue, with profiling and references to the classic brand in vogue! Forms of all types. In short, the eyeglass frames sunglasses abound, and you’ll be spoiled for choice. How, then, to orientate in the variety proposal? Simple you need to consider some basic elements (skin color, the hair), which serve as an indicator of the pair of glasses more suitable to be worn. I’ll give you some advice on which frames to choose and you should not do anything but. Show off and brag about your latest purchase.

What is needed to orient the choice of frame is best suited to us is the so called “complexion” (which derives from the English and means “aspect”), namely the complex (or mix) of colors of the face, taking into consideration:

* Skin color,
* Color of hair,
* Color of eyes (although the latter can be safely put in the background). All of these factors, these, which highlight the key characteristics of your face .


Generally those who have very fair skin and dark hair will have to opt for the blue or, at most, silver ( color neutral) as possible, for sure, vibrant colors. most vivid colors are suitable to those with Cesaro skin and light hair or red. On a face with skin to beige recline harmony with frames in brown, ivory, and every shade of beige. Not underestimate the frames that have a bottom almost spotted. ‘s darker skins, however, prefer a combination with light colors such as pink, for example.

Another element to consider is the proportion of the face and, therefore, its shape and appearance. Their faces are enhanced with high forehead from frames with forms and, if anything, slightly pointed alkaloid (style “Secretary bureau” in the case of women). A more elongated face, however, prefers the rectangular frames. Likewise for rounder faces so as to affect the profile. short, it is useful to consider elements which portray perfectly aspects longitudinal or less of our face.

Useful criterion falls on the type of material. Very requests are frames in carbon or titanium extremely light and flexible. They meet the needs of those who, for example, uses the glasses to carry out work outside: wear them for their as will not notice at all! Then there are another set of anti-allergic materials such as nickel silver, bronze and zinc alloy for those who have sensitive skin. It all depends on our desires. should not be underestimated, then, selection criteria less pending on the aesthetic side. Especially for the UV protection is important to choose frames arranged to accommodate slow a bit ‘larger to avoid the sun’s rays penetrate many. Frames with wide slabs allow, finally, a broad perspective view (side). lenses and color complement the rest! The choice is vast, but do not worry. As always rely on the good taste!.