Add a touch of color to your summer, choose sunglasses colors sparkling, energetic, multivitamins!

As you know and as often repeat, the summer is the right season to give vent to their creativity and risking creating new looks with colors and patterns to kiss. The colors are strong and intense just what it takes to to brush up your wardrobe . Could not resist and impossible to even more simply dressed in black (and blue, brown, white). In short, to call up the monotony, it’s time to color! Sometimes, however, no need to give a touch of color to any wardrobe, just simply choose the right accessory, you light up your look and identify another wonderful summer.

So what about trying with the sunglasses ? Those of summer 2013 are sparkling and vitamins, featuring mirrored lenses for the most part but mainly by energetic frames. Orange, yellow, lime green, turquoise and pink, cooler shades of the moment all our service! Let’s find out some cool pattern to show off this summer on its face to be always in fashion and the sea beyond.


Among the most popular are the Oakley Frog skins. generally presented as sunglasses for men, these sunglasses have literally depopulated even among women. The frame is typically recognized as a wayfarer, the lenses are mirrored and you can find a more colorful or sober. Of colored frames because there are lots. Here we propose an image with sunglasses Oakley lemon yellow, but there are also in green, pink, coral, black and white, brown, blue whatever comes to mind, there is!

Women go crazy for sunglasses Schiaparelli pink, a shade must in the world of fashion. Also in this case we propose a model with mirrored lenses, because they are the top of the summer 2013! From the shape but slightly oversized wrap-around, this frame is pink Vespers Peepers.

Finally, for the most indecisive but especially for those who do not want to spend a fortune for sunglasses that maybe, just maybe, next year will be gone out of fashion, I offer a proposal for a low cost. The sunglasses are the photo margarita and are characterized by a sparkling frame faded turquoise and lilac. The lenses, as you can see in the mirror, but are always contrasting yellow / orange.