The choice of eye wear from sun conform to the shape of our face, does not always correspond to our tastes. If, for example, we fall in love at first sight with a particular model of glasses from the sun, it is said that the given model dress well on our face, so we have to give it up. To choose the best the right model for our face, simply consider a few main factors, one of which is the shape of our face. So here’s a few main rule.

Some face shapes strongly influence the choice of glasses from the sun more suitable . If for example, you have a very round face, you should avoid any form of sunglasses that emphasizes the roundness of the face itself, such as eyeglass lenses very large and round or square glasses or lenses that have small but round. For this type of face, sunglasses recommended must have a slender shape and thin. See for example the classic sunglasses with the shape of the lenses pointing upward, or a lens irregular but never roundish.


Another form that greatly affects the choice of the glasses from the sun, is the shape of the face elongated and narrow, or rectangular face vertically. In this case are absolutely to avoid all those sunglasses and with particularly thick lenses oblong or elongated. This type of frame is likely to accentuate the shape of the face. Rather, it is advisable to adopt a type of frame that is the exact opposite of the shape of the face. A narrow frame with lenses particularly high might be ideal to counter the elongated shape of the face.

Regarding the square face , it is good to choose a type of the glasses that soften the shape of the face, as for example, round or oval-shaped lenses. On the other hand, there are certain face shapes which do not have special needs and leave much more choice regarding the frames for eyeglasses and sunglasses. We are talking about the oval face shape. In this case, you can choose any type of frame: from the largest and thick, the most slender and long-limbed. The face shape lends itself to any type of choice. The one factor could be the contrasting color of the hair and complexion.