Add a touch of light and color to your summer. He wears trendy maxi bijoux and in a moment going to turn a simple outfit into a great look.

There is always someone who has not learned the lesson. There are still those who believe that a beautiful dress can make a difference. True, but not entirely. Where is your personal touch? Where denotes your style, your taste and your choices? For a dress, although particular, several things need to be combined. A bag to begin with, and shoes, of course! Combing suits, sunglasses if yours is a day look. The face make up and nail polish to give a touch of color. And the jewelry?

Never, and I mean never, forget the jewelry! I am the light touch needed to give new life to your clothes. It is the right way to customize it, to give that creative touch to an outfit and its otherwise too trivial and simple. Of jewelry , there are all kinds, from small ones to those oversized, those precious to those in hard stone and plastic-coated, from basic to those multicolor . In this great jungle made ​​of chains and pendants how to choose the right ones?


The summer 2013 smiles and designers only serve to give us a hand in the selection. Do you know what is in fashion this summer? The oversize! not more in clothing, like last winter, but in the accessories. The jewelry will therefore be large, impressive and important so that for sure your look will be unique and will never go unnoticed.When it comes to maxi bijoux must always be considered not to overdo it. The excessiveness rarely rewards.

The right combinations are: earrings and bracelet, earrings and ring, necklace and bracelet, necklace, ring and bracelet. Unmatched never big earrings and a necklace maxi because the result would be too heavy, the only exception is to match a necklace with big earrings lobe. So the secret is to beautify the upper body (necklace or earrings) and on the hands / wrist (or one or the other but also can work together).

But what are the maxi bijoux trendy summer 2013 They sure are the earrings , as we saw during the parade of Dolce & Gabbana Spring / Summer 2013. For the occasion, the models showed off the delicious creations made ​​of colorful stones and fringes.

The metal never goes out of fashion long as it has a touch of color. From the walkway Alviero Martini arrive ear cuff with golden chains shaded toward the fuchsia, while from Blumarine have come to us always in a series of necklaces metal gold , all long and from which hangs a large pendant. Never forget the bracelets , the glam touch to your wrist. Select models big otherwise, if you just like the ones you have, you can match style to create a waterfall effect oversized unique and inimitable!