Our lashes are a very important part, form the backdrop to a practically perfect makeup. It is unthinkable to imagine a face completely rigged, while the eyelashes are practically remained nature. Sometimes even just a light coat of mascara without any makeup, it can make us look perfectly groomed, enhancing both our gaze across the face in general. Having long eyelashes and thick, with one fold that makes it look more sweet and romantic, is the dream of all women. To donate their curved aspect, we need to make use of a particular tool can bend our lashes to perfection . But there is also another method, much more natural, to make your lashes curves, let us see how to bend the eyelashes without eyelash curler.


Although in reality the eyelash curler is a truly easy to use, and generally affordable for all, many women prefer to use much more natural and alternative methods. Then proceed with order and see how we should behave. First we spread on our eyelashes our usual mascara, what we commonly use will be fine. After that we will have made ​​a first pass of mascara, Rhiamon fingers between them, so energetic and fast, we continue until the nice warm feel.

At this point we should not do anything that put your fingers on our eyelashes be exerting a pressure and at the same time a curvature towards the inside. We remain in this position for a few minutes. As we look at the mirror , we can already begin to see a hint of curvature. We repeat the stretching operation on the lashes another coat of mascara. Without waiting for the product can be dry, repeat the whole process starting from the heating, and ending the curvature of the eye. We remain in place more minutes. Now check the result, if what we see in the mirror is the result we expected, we can put the tricks, but if the curvature of our eyelashes still does not satisfy us in full, then we should not do anything but repeat the operation, but this time without giving the pass mascara.