In practice, one can become a model at any age. For the purpose of a model is to represent a brand, a product, a website, a corporation, an association. And there are brands and products for all audiences.This is why usually the modeling can begin at birth! For example for a brand of diaper that seeks an infant and a mother Both models are considered. Nevertheless, we can divide the age groups into three broad categories compared to the French legislation.

Category 1: be a model from birth to 6 years

This class of model is framed legally. However, if you want to register your baby or child in a modeling agency. You must take into consideration the pace of work. For the life of star is hectic. The conditions in which takes place a photo shoot or filming difficult. Your baby or child must exercise great patience. schedules developed for films of advertising , of cinema , businesses or model photo shoots up to 6 months : French legislation imposes a time per week an hour and a limit of half an hour continuously regardless of the type of activity, shoot, film, modeling From 6 months to 3 years : For this age group, time work is two hours per week and no more than half an hour continuously. 3 to 6 years : The children can work up to three hours per week, but not more than an hour continuously. If your child already goes to school, he can not play the little star that Wednesdays and Saturdays or during school holidays.


2nd category: Become a model of 6 to 16 years:

In France, a child is required to attend school until age 16. This is why to be a model, you must follow some strict rules. before age 16 you can work, but the work must be light and made ​​during the school holidays. This applies to both teens models for children. In practice some French agencies may, however, send the model in another agency abroad where child labor is less regulated. It is a way to circumvent French law, this practice is absolutely not recommended. Consider first the well-being of your child in need benchmarks to grow well.

3rd category: 16 years and older:

At age 16, you are released from school obligations and you can start to work in a modeling agency .
Starting from this age, there is almost no limit because there are almost as many brands and youth seniors.